The Song that Made Our World Stop

This is GimmeGravyTrain back at you and bringing a big pile of goodies.  I know the last time we were on, we told you about all the good things that are happening with us, but we didn’t get very much into the nitty-gritty of it.

First, we’d like to thank the management for replacing all of the equipment we damaged.  I still don’t know how my foot got caught in that snare drum.  Anyway, he is always a good sport and has done plenty of good things for us in the past few weeks.

With that out of the way let us bring you into the fold of our upcoming journey through the USA.  Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, because first we must appease our core fans, right here in SAN DIEGO!  For those of you who enjoy a nice night out by the bay you are in luck because that is where it all begins.  Wine and dine yourselves and then head on over to Humphreys to blow the sea bass right back out of you.

After that we’ll be doing a couple of performances up in San Francisco at the Fillmore for anyone who’s interested.  From there we leave the great state that we love so much and head to Salt Lake City for a few days and after that Denver, Colorado.  I’ve been there once… it was cold.  Wait a minute… all of this is happening in January and February!  I HATE THE COLD!!!  We might have to do some quick rescheduling or I’ll just have to do this for the good of the band.

Anyway, from there we’ll be hitting St. Louis, Little Rock, Atlanta, Nashville… that one should be interesting might have to work on my country drawl, Columbus and then finally, FINALLY we will be hitting Broadway (j/k).  Actually we’ll be playing at Studio B in Brooklyn.

Aha… but did you notice something funny here?

That’s right! Before we might have mentioned that we had 8 stops on the tour, but now we are up to a grand total of 10, my lucky number.  For this, we must bow down to you, our fans, because none of this would have been possible if you had not made our new single one of the top-selling downloads on the internet.  All of this is really blowing our minds, being real live rock stars was never what we had in mind when we got together in my dad’s garage and almost immediately had the entire street hating us.

As a present, we have managed to grab up as many tickets for the tour’s debut performance at Humphrey’s and will be giving them away to anyone who can remember my dog’s name.  The race is on so be the first to post.

Now for our final piece of business.  We’ve been putting some “props” together and I think we’ve got most of the kinks worked out.  Once you have your tickets, be prepared because we will be calling on a few of you to join us on stage… so be ready for a tour you will never forget.  That’s all for now.  Be seeing you soon…

GimmeGravyTrain is Here and Ready for the Big Time

What’s up everybody?  I know we’ve been away for a while, but now we’re back and we’ve got big BIG NEWS!!  But first let’s get you updated on what’s been going on.  We’ve been spending most of our time under lock and key with Butch the Beagle as the perfect guard dog.  What have we been doing, you ask?  Well… writing, of course!  And playing copious amounts of Skyrim on PS3.  We’ve got a couple new tunes to hammer out, but we’ll get back to you on that later.

Anyway… we did manage to get out once or twice in the last week and we were happy to see some of you the other night rocking at The Casbah.  No place like San Diego, I know.  That was a great session and really got us pumped up even without knowing what was going to happen today.

This is basically how it went… we all decided to meet up at the studio today to work on one of the uber-secret songs when the management stopped by.  Smooth as always he slid into the control room while we were setting up and gave a little grumble into the mic.  We all turned.

“Good morning, boys.” he said.
“Hey.”  We all replied.
“Do you like New York?”  His smile was about to split his head in two.
“We do.”
“How would you like to go there with a few stops in between?”  His head really was splitting at the edges.
“That sounds cool.”  We said.

We tried to be as cool as possible about it, but that only lasted about five seconds; then nothing was sacred.  I think we lost a guitar, a few violin strings and a snare drum in our “little” celebration.  But its official now, we are going national and nothing is going to stop us.  We’ve got 8 stops planned, starting right here in San Diego then heading up to San Fran and our grand finale being the BIG APPLE itself.  So mark your calendar for January of next year, because that’s when the magic is happening.

For those of you who have seen us before, don’t expect the same old song and dance.  We are hitting the big time now so it’s time to take it up a notch and I’m not talking about adding an organ, though I have been tempted.

No… we want to try a little experiment with the audience.  You wanted the gravy train, well now you’re gonna get us in spades.  It’s all still a bit under wraps, but you should expect sound in epic proportion; you should expect levitation; and you should expect US looking for YOU.

We’ll let you know more as the time draws near and if you’re lucky we might even have a few tickets to give out soon so keep your butt on the edge of your seat and wait.  But in all seriousness, it is thanks to you, our fans, that we’ve been able to get this far and this is only the beginning.  This is GimmeGravyTrain heading up and out.

We lost bet. But got a “job”.

Ok, here’s the story. We were eating at McDonald’s the other day, because we love healthy vegan food. Ha.

Anyways, we ran into a couple of fans. As it turned out, they weren’t just fans, but maybe our biggest fans. In fact, they bet us they knew more trivia about us than we did about ourselves. Thinking this absurd, I bet them a free copy of our next album that the couldn’t stump me in three tries. It took two. Look, I knew the answer, but I got it mixed up, ok? Shoot me.

It was a question about the month we did our show in Tampa. I said April, but it was actually May 2nd. Since it was three years ago, its an honest mistake. Anyways, I asked what we had to do since we lost. They said to write something on our blog in commemoration of this meeting. So here is some trivia about Mcdonald’s and some of its competitors. Whatever, right?

Where to find info on McDonalds careers. Where to grab a Burger King application.  Where to fill out a Walmart job application.

Hope this makes a more lasting memory impression than the Tampa gig. I jest!