We lost bet. But got a “job”.

Ok, here’s the story. We were eating at McDonald’s the other day, because we love healthy vegan food. Ha.

Anyways, we ran into a couple of fans. As it turned out, they weren’t just fans, but maybe our biggest fans. In fact, they bet us they knew more trivia about us than we did about ourselves. Thinking this absurd, I bet them a free copy of our next album that the couldn’t stump me in three tries. It took two. Look, I knew the answer, but I got it mixed up, ok? Shoot me.

It was a question about the month we did our show in Tampa. I said April, but it was actually May 2nd. Since it was three years ago, its an honest mistake. Anyways, I asked what we had to do since we lost. They said to write something on our blog in commemoration of this meeting. So here is some trivia about Mcdonald’s and some of its competitors. Whatever, right?

Where to find info on McDonalds careers. Where to grab a Burger King application.  Where to fill out a Walmart job application.

Hope this makes a more lasting memory impression than the Tampa gig. I jest!